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  • The Honest Heart Collective

    ​Anchored by four lifelong friends, The Honest Heart Collective rock their way into your hearts and ears. All starting from a moment in a Bruce Springsteen Concert to now playing larger and larger venues, this band of brothers is making waves in the indie music world.

    Producer: Pat Quigley

    Volunteers: Andrew Faulkner - 2nd Camera

    Originating Community: Thunder Bay

  • Becoming Marloe Blu

    ​Being a farmer and hairdresser can make for an interesting life... now add burlesque performer on top of that! Mark Walpole shares his story on becoming a burlesque dancer and creating his alter-ego Marloe Blu...

    Producer: Kristina Kruchkowski

    Originating Community: Castlegar

  • Nicole's Story

    ​The story of War Amps Champ Nicole Byford, who was born without a left hand.

    Producer: Blaine Evans

    Originating Community: Cranbrook

  • Unwrapping Change

    ​The documentary explores the environmental & social changes that develop from a decision to remove the grade 4 students single-use plastic baggies from their lunches.

    Producer: David Gee

    Originating Community: Medicine Hat