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  • Shaw Spotlight Screen Awards

    ​Welcome to the Shaw Spotlight Screen Awards as we celebrate the stories of Canadians across our communities. Here you will find 3 short feature finalists for our Viewer’s Choice category and we would love for you to vote on your favorite.

  • Breathing Hope

    ​Just breathe...There are many ways people try to heal their wounds, mental or physical, but when done properly, the simplest of acts can help heal almost anything.

    Producer: Sarah Smith

    Originating Community: Whistler

  • Factoria: The Magic City

    ​Passing by the ruins of an old farmhouse along Saskatoon's riverbank, local storyteller Danica Lorer is inspired to uncover the history of Factoria, a story that ties together the past and present of the land we call home.

    Producer: Eric Steiner

    Volunteers: Danica Lorer

    Originating Community: Saskatoon