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  • Kwetlal Pit Cook

    ​It was formerly discouraged for Indigenous peoples to pass down their culture, their knowledge. Making it even more important that Indigenous knowledge keepers pass down their wisdom to the younger generation. Two ladies on South Vancouver Island are making sure the knowledge of traditional Kwetlal Pit Cook continues on.

    Producer: Ryan Spedding

    Originating Community: Victoria

  • Hitting the Right Notes

    ​One Winnipeg youth learns why she was introduced to the steel drum at a young age by her grandmother. Though invented in Trinidad, many Trinidadians were not allowed to play the Steel drum when they were younger. But that hasn’t stopped the instrument from gaining worldwide recognition and bringing the warm Caribbean sound to Canada.

    Producer: Jonathan Horst

    Originating Community: Winnipeg

  • Bringing Home to Home

    ​Moving to a new country comes with many challenges. One thing that is often ignored is the need for traditional clothing for special events. Fort McMurray's Purva Sharma saw this need in the Indian community and tried to fill it.

    Producer: Matt Lorenz

    Volunteers: Purva Sharma, Nieetika Batta, Brieanna McCutcheon

    Originating Community: Fort McMurray

  • Flip Flops And Hockey Skates

    ​Experiencing culture through one of Canada's National pastimes. How a young California hockey player was able to fit so perfectly into Northern Canada because of the universal warmth of a sport that seems to connect us no matter where you are from.

    Producer: Tommy Johnson

    Originating Community: Dryden

  • Embracing Canada

    ​Ekamnoor Singh, Mohit Sharma and Himmat Jattana are international students from Northern India, living and studying in Invermere, British Columbia. Whether they're seeing snow for the first time, doing their best to understand Canada's national winter sport, or sharing their own culture with the locals, their experiences are going well beyond the four walls of their classroom!

    Producer: James Farnan

    Originating Community: Invermere

  • The Pole

    ​The language of a Totem Pole is a language of symbolism, with every figure representing an event or an individual important in the cultural world view of West Coast indigenous peoples. The carving of such a pole can be a deeply spiritual experience, and in the case of one particular Pole being carved on Vancouver Island, can be life-changing to those involved.

    Producer: Nancy Wilmot

    Originating Community: Port Alberni