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  • What is Shaw Spotlight

    ​Shaw Spotlight is the number one destination for communities to stay connected. With a focus on locally produced shows made by the volunteers in your neighbourhood, our aim is to feature and support the place that you call home.

    Stay connected with coverage of events from festivals to local sports and more. At Shaw Spotlight, your community is at the heart of our vision for a connected Canada.

  • Teaching a Young Cat New Tricks

    ​After working with dogs, rats, and bunnies, animal trainer Melanie Kreker decided to take on a challenge some people may think is impossible: training her pet cat, Kelso.

    Producer: Lizzy Symons

    Originating Community: Winnipeg

  • Dancing Star

    ​'We gotta win!' With her eyes on the prize, Jamela Van Steinburg hopes to use her dancing skills to raise funds for the Central Okanagan Hospice Association which helped her dad in his finals days.

    Producer: Kenny Tai

    Originating Community: Kelowna

  • Walking For Others

    ​Find out why 76 year old Fred Robins decided to participate in Kidney March and walk 100 km in 3 days. Learn more at and find information about organ donations:

    Producer: David Gee

    Originating Community: Medicine Hat