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  • What is Shaw Spotlight

    ​Shaw Spotlight is the number one destination for communities to stay connected. With a focus on locally produced shows made by the volunteers in your neighbourhood, our aim is to feature and support the place that you call home.

    Stay connected with coverage of events from festivals to local sports and more. At Shaw Spotlight, your community is at the heart of our vision for a connected Canada.

  • Spider-Dad

    ​You don't need superpowers to be a superhero. Meet Spider-Dad, a real life superhero who (along with the generosity of others and social media), uses the power of paying it forward to make his part of the world a better place.

    Producer: Tommy Johnson

    Originating Community: Dryden

  • Creating His Own Story

    ​A scroll through the Instagram feed of Cranbrook B.C. Conceptual Photographer Joel Robison is like a journey into a magical make-believe world. Robison uses his unique art as a way to share his own battle with mental illness, along with his greater mission of ending the stigma around mental health.

    Producer: James Farnan

    Originating Community: Cranbrook