• Whether you’re new to the broadcasting world, or already producing your own content, Shaw Spotlight has a number of ways to get involved! The community channel is a free service provided by Shaw, so we do not charge for anything we do.

    If you want to volunteer or submit a program proposal, get familiar with the Shaw Spotlight Community Access Guidelines and Information document. This will give you important information you need to know about the world of community television.

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    The Shaw Spotlight Volunteer Program is open to everyone interested in video production. We regularly host volunteer training workshops, where you can get hands on experience with professional production equipment, plus advice, tips, and feedback from Spotlight producers. Already know how shoot, edit, host, or direct? No worries! We accept volunteers of all skill levels, so if you’re just looking for some opportunities to practice your skills, we can get you involved in one of our productions. Just fill out a volunteer application form below and send it to the location closest to you on the Contact Us page, one of our producers will get in touch with you shortly.

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    Do you have a show idea you’d like to see air on Shaw Spotlight? Maybe you’re already producing it? Either way, we can help. There’s a number of ways to get your idea broadcasted in your community and published on the internet. Just fill out a Shaw Spotlight Access Program Application Form below, put in as much information as you can, and submit it to your community listed on the Contact Us page. One of our producers will get in touch with you shortly and discuss the best way to make your idea a reality. Remember that show ideas should reflect local viewpoints, activities and diverse voices that are not being heard!

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  • Shaw Spotlight's COVID-19 Programming Policy.

    Shaw Spotlight is not accepting or airing any content regarding COVID-19 transmission, symptomology, prevention, treatment, vaccination, or testing from any source other than directly from federal, provincial, Indigenous, or municipal government authorities.